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Definitive guide for the 2017 solar eclipse
08/21/17 09:29 - - Lo...
We've compiled everything you need to know about an astronomical event 38 years in the making.

Live: Watch every minute of 2017 solar eclipse
08/21/17 09:07 - - Lo...
Denver7 will live stream the entire eclipse.

Terminally ill teen wants 100k birthday cards
08/21/17 08:58 - - Lo...
Jacob Priestley turns 15 on August 28. But he faces an uphill battle to get there.

Off and on late day storms
08/21/17 08:53 - - Lo...
Summer-like weather is here for the weekend!

Solar eclipse day is here: What to know
08/21/17 08:42 - - Lo...
Already Monday morning, traffic has been heavy on northbound I-25 as people drive north to Wyoming for the eclipse.

7Everyday Hero helps Salvation Army in Colo.
08/21/17 08:15 - - Lo...
Townsend founded the Townsend Foundation, which helps the Salvation Army in several ways, like the Lambuth Center. 

Noise is biggest source of oil, gas complaints in Colorado
08/21/17 05:59 - GJSentinel - Latest News ...

Americans stake out prime viewing spots to see sun go dark
08/21/17 05:58 - GJSentinel - Latest News ...

Nations search for 10 missing after US destroyer collision
08/21/17 05:56 - GJSentinel - Latest News ...

Denver man forced to strip during robbery
08/21/17 05:34 - - Lo...
A man is bravely sharing his story about how he was robbed at gun point, and the emotional trauma he faced.

5 Things to Know for Monday, Aug. 21
08/21/17 04:51 - - Lo...
Good morning! Here’s what you need to know for today, Monday August 21.   

Ed Perlmutter changes course and will run for re-election to Congress
08/21/17 03:16 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter has found the "fire in the belly" again -- or at least the desire to remain a member of Congress.

Breckenridge eyes new rules to regulate drones
08/21/17 03:11 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
Breckenridge Town Council considers rules to regulate unmanned aerial drones.

Denver-area police seek suspect after man reports stabbing by someone who thought he was a “neo-Nazi”
08/21/17 02:47 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
Sheridan police are looking for a suspect after a man reported he was stabbed in the hand at a Sheridan Steak 'n Shake by someone who asked if he was a "neo-Nazi."

Broncos Insider: Time to name a starting QB?
08/21/17 02:36 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
Round 2 of the Broncos' QB competition seems to be in its closing days after former first-round pick Paxton Lynch failed to “take the reins” in his preseason start vs. 49ers.

VDARE founder blames “communist propaganda” for Colorado Springs event cancellation
08/21/17 02:02 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
VDARE leader Peter Brimelow blamed a Colorado Springs resort's decision to cancel the group's April 2018 event on "typical lying communist propaganda, connived at by the Establishment Left" and said the group may still come to the state ...

Wyoming warns: Don’t wear eclipse glasses while driving as traffic heats up on northbound I-25
08/21/17 01:43 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
Near the border of Wyoming traffic on northbound Interstate-25 is already heavy as travelers seek prime viewing spots for the total eclipse.

What time is the solar eclipse in Colorado? Will there be cloud cover? And other questions answered
08/21/17 01:01 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
Check the National Weather Service's chart for peak viewing times across Colorado and the forecasted chances for cloud cover.

DIA handing out FREE solar eclipse glasses, more
08/21/17 00:28 - - Lo...
Airport officials say the south end of the plaza provides a great viewing location for the eclipse.

Navy begins probe into collision of U.S. destroyer in Southeast Asia, 10 sailors missing, 5 injured
08/21/17 00:27 - Denver Post: News: Breaki...
SEOUL -- A U.S. Navy investigation is now underway into how the USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker three times its size off the Strait of Malacca early Monday morning, as the search for 10 missing sailors continues.

Attorneys for condemned Missouri man seek halt to execution
08/21/17 12:54
Attorneys for a condemned Missouri inmate warn that the state is preparing to execute a potentially innocent man.

Arkansas police checking suicide report find man, kids dead
08/21/17 12:46
Police responding to a possible suicide in Little Rock say they found a scene even more troubling: a 39-year-old man dead in bed with his two dead children.

Ten sailors missing after U.S. warship, tanker collide near Singapore
08/21/17 12:42
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Ten U.S. sailors were missing after a collision between a destroyer and a tanker east of Singapore on Monday, the second involving a U.S. warship and a merchant ship in Asia in about two months, triggering a fleet-w...

Putin appoints new Russian ambassador to US
08/21/17 12:40
A career Russian diplomat, who gained the reputation of a hawk during his earlier tenure at the Defense Ministry, was named the new ambassador to the United States on Friday.

Trump likely to announce modest troop increase for Afghanistan
08/21/17 12:38
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump is likely to announce a modest increase in U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan when he lays out his strategy on Monday for the war there, America's longest military conflict, a senior administr...

Pakistani army says it has acted against militants including Haqqani network
08/21/17 12:38
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan has taken action against all Islamist militants including the Haqqani network, the army spokesman said on Monday hours ahead of a U.S. announcement on Afghan policy that could herald a tougher stance toward...

Spanish police shoot suspected Barcelona attacker
08/21/17 12:36
BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spanish police on Monday shot down a man who local media identified as the Islamist militant who drove a van into a Barcelona crowd last week, killing 13 people.

Five Cities That Got F*cked by Hosting the Olympics
08/21/17 12:30
Brazil, Russia, Greece, and China were all suckers in one of the oldest scams in sports

Exclusive: Armed group stopping migrant boats leaving Libya
08/21/17 12:22
TUNIS/ROME (Reuters) - An armed group is stopping migrant boats from setting off across the Mediterranean from a city west of Tripoli that has been a springboard for people smugglers, causing a sudden drop in departures over the past mon...

Bergdahl chooses to have trial heard by judge and not jury
08/21/17 12:20
Army Sgt.

LSU officially has new live tiger mascot on campus
08/21/17 12:19
Louisiana State University officially has a new live tiger mascot on its campus.

Russia hails progress in Syria conflict, ups bombing runs
08/21/17 12:17
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia on Monday hailed what it said was "a dramatic shift" in the Syria conflict, saying that the Syrian army, with Moscow's help, was well on its way to pushing militants out of the central part of the country.

Trump to outline Afghan strategy in national TV address
08/21/17 12:06
President Donald Trump will use a nationally televised address to outline for a war-weary nation the strategy he believes will best position the U.S. to eventually declare victory in Afghanistan after 16 years of combat and lives lost.

Venezuela prepares world summit to defend new legislative body
08/21/17 12:05
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela is preparing an international summit to rally support for an all-powerful lawmaking body, whose recent creation drew widespread foreign condemnation as a power grab by leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Europe wary of security infrastructure despite vehicle attacks
08/21/17 12:02
LONDON (Reuters) - Europe has experienced around a dozen cases of drivers using a car or truck to plow into pedestrians like last week's attack in Barcelona, but cities have not rushed to mitigate the risks by changing their layout.

Northwestern prof, Oxford worker to stay jailed before trial
08/21/17 12:02
The fatal stabbing of a hairstylist in Chicago was part of a sexual fantasy hatched in an online chatroom between a Northwestern University professor and an Oxford University employee, whose plan included killing someone and then themsel...

Teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack
08/21/17 12:01
One of two Wisconsin teenagers charged with repeatedly stabbing a classmate to impress a fictitious horror character called Slender Man pleaded guilty Monday to a lesser charge.

Conservative Canadian site The Rebel inaccessible to some users
08/21/17 11:58
TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian conservative website The Rebel was inaccessible to some users in Canada and around the world on Monday after several contributers left the online publication in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Vi...

Philippines' Duterte says there could have been abuses in war on drugs
08/21/17 11:53
MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said there could have been abuses in his government's war on drugs and ordered the police to take custody of officers who were involved in the killing of a high school stu...

08/21/17 11:36
Surveillance footage shows a man on a motor bike ride into a sinkhole in China.

Pope says migrants' rights should override national security concerns
08/21/17 11:35
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis urged political leaders on Monday to defend migrants, saying their safety should take precedence over national security concerns and that they should not be subjected to collective deportations.

New York City woman, 33, plunges to death after reported argument with her boyfriend
08/21/17 11:29
A woman was reportedly heard arguing with her boyfriend shortly before she plunged to her death from the roof of her New York City apartment building Saturday night, a case detectives are continuing to probe.

Barcelona attacker stabbed man to death during escape: police
08/21/17 11:20
BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spain asked the rest of Europe to join the hunt for a young man thought to have been the driver in last week's deadly van attack in Barcelona as police said on Monday that he had also hijacked a car and kille...

North says U.S.-South Korean computer-simulated drills are step to nuclear war
08/21/17 11:13
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean and U.S. forces began computer-simulated military exercises on Monday amid tension over North Korea's weapons programs, while a report Pyongyang has earned millions of dollars in exports is likely to raise ...

Ohio judge wounded in courthouse shooting, suspect killed
08/21/17 11:06
An Ohio county judge was shot and wounded Monday morning while he was walking toward a courthouse, and the suspected gunman was shot dead when a probation officer returned fire.

South Sudan grounds U.N. planes in airport row
08/21/17 11:01
NAIROBI (Reuters) - South Sudan has grounded planes belonging to United Nations peacekeepers in a dispute over control of the airport in the capital Juba, the government said on Monday.

Liz Weston: The 3 biggest money decisions you'll ever make
08/21/17 10:48
Some factors that influence your financial success are beyond your control.

U.S. scales back Russian visa operations after Putin cuts embassy staff
08/21/17 10:42
MOSCOW (Reuters) - The United States began to scale back its visa services in Russia on Monday, drawing an angry reaction from Moscow three weeks after President Vladimir Putin ordered Washington to more than halve its embassy and consul...

U.S. drone crashes in southeast Turkey: air base statement
08/21/17 10:23
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A U.S. drone crashed in southeast Turkey on Monday and the cause of the crash was being investigated, according to a statement on the website of the Incirlik air base in Turkey.

Serbia recalls embassy staff from Macedonia
08/21/17 10:08
OBRENOVAC, Serbia (Reuters) - Serbia recalled its embassy staff from Macedonia on Monday in protest at "offensive actions" which coincided with reports that Skopje was joining diplomatic efforts to secure Kosovo membership of the U.N. cu...

We Are Not on the Verge of a New Civil War
08/21/17 09:45
The red and the blue are not the blue and the gray.

Vehicle ramming kills one in Marseille, no terrorist motive seen
08/21/17 09:22
MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) - At least one person was killed and another injured in Marseille on Monday when a van crashed into two bus shelters in different parts of the French city, police said, in an incident not being treated as terr...

U.S., South Korea begin computer-simulated drills which North says are aimed at nuclear war
08/21/17 09:12
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean and U.S. forces began computer-simulated military exercises on Monday amid tension over North Korea's weapons programs, while a report it has earned millions of dollars in exports is likely to raise doubt a...

Hong Kong leader says jailed activists are not political prisoners
08/21/17 09:10
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Monday three student activists jailed for their roles in 2014 pro-democracy protests were not political prisoners and unreasonable criticism of the city's judiciary could damage t...

Russia names replacement for Sergei Kislyak as envoy in Washington
08/21/17 09:03
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's next ambassador to Washington will be Anatoly Antonov, a former defense official who is subject to European sanctions over his role in the conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin announced on Monday.

33 arrested during Boston rally protest heading to court
08/21/17 09:01
Thirty-three people taken into custody in Boston during a counterprotest of a small, conservative "free speech rally" over the weekend are headed to court this week.

Total Eclipse, Afghanistan Plans, Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis Dead: A.M. Links
08/21/17 09:00

'We're the victims,' says father of young Filipino shot dead in war on drugs
08/21/17 08:59
MANILA (Reuters) - Hundreds of neighbors and left-wing activists marched and lit candles near the spot where a 17-year-old high school student was shot dead by police last week in President Rodrigo Duterte's controversial war on drugs.

Iraqi forces must rescue many abducted Yazidis from Tal Afar: Yazidi MP
08/21/17 08:57
ERBIL (Reuters) - As Iraqi forces pressed their offensive to retake Tal Afar on Monday, a Yazidi politician urged them to quickly rescue the many Yazidi men, women and children still believed to be held captive in the city by Islamic Sta...

Britain's Big Ben falls silent for four years of renovation work
08/21/17 08:31
LONDON (Reuters) - The "Big Ben" bell in the British parliament's famous clock tower tolled for the last time on Monday before it ceased its regular bongs for four years while renovation work is carried out.

Stolen car ruptures chlorine tank, kills 2 in Mississippi
08/21/17 07:56
County officials in Mississippi say a toxic cloud of chlorine was released when a stolen car crashed into a utility station and killed two passengers.

Police extend search for Barcelona attack van driver outside Spain
08/21/17 07:54
BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Spanish police on Monday extended the search for the man who killed 13 people in Barcelona by ramming a van into crowds to all of Europe as details emerged of how he fled on foot through the streets of the ol...

Lebanon foiled suicide bomb attack on Australia-Abu Dhabi flight: minister
08/21/17 07:38
CAIRO (Reuters) - Lebanon foiled a plot by a suicide bomber to blow up a plane bound for the United Arab Emirates from Australia earlier this month, Lebanon's interior minister said on Monday.

Trump to present vision for U.S. strategy in Afghanistan war
08/21/17 07:37
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It will be President Donald Trump's turn on Monday to address a problem that vexed his two predecessors when he details his strategy for the war in Afghanistan, America's longest military conflict.

Nigeria's President Buhari notifies parliament of his return
08/21/17 07:15
LAGOS (Reuters) - Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has signed a letter officially notifying parliament of his return, the presidency's official Twitter account said on Monday.

France ditches plans to give Macron's wife paid role after backlash
08/21/17 07:10
PARIS (Reuters) - The office of President Emmanuel Macron rowed back on Monday from plans to give his wife Brigitte Macron a formal, paid role, after a public backlash which threatened to undermine his broader agenda of change and modern...

Despite losing terrain, Islamic State's attacks rose in 2016: study
08/21/17 07:06
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Although Islamic State is losing fighters and territory in Iraq and Syria, it remained the world’s deadliest militant organization last year, according to a report from the University of Maryland.

U.S. scales back visa services in Russia after Putin cuts its staff
08/21/17 06:54
MOSCOW (Reuters) - The United States said on Monday it was scaling back its visa services in Russia after Moscow ordered it to sharply cut its diplomatic staff in retaliation over new U.S. sanctions.

U.S., South Korea begin computer-simulated drills amid North Korea tension
08/21/17 06:23
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean and U.S. forces began computer-simulated military exercises on Monday amid tension over North Korea's weapons programs, while a report it has earned millions of dollars in exports is likely to raise doubt a...

Merkel hits out at predecessor in Russia row ahead of election
08/21/17 06:19
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, on Monday for taking a new job at Russian oil producer Rosneft and said she did not intend to take any posts in industry once she leaves po...

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